Age of Civs

Full 3D multi-civilizations and trans-ages strategy mobile game

Evolved 3.0 strategy game

Cross the river of civilization, lead the rise of the empire!

You will re-experience the overall change of the great civilization and, change the future like the past.

Build a powerful kingdom, command historical heroes, train strong troops, and compete in epic wars.

Global players will combine with you to develop your own glorious civilization, strike down your foes and dominate the world!


Ages Change, Evolution in Seconds

From the ancient to modern, from the primitive to scientific, from cavalry to tanks, from tribes to cities...

More advanced military, more unique gameplay, unlocked with the progress of civilization!

Legendary Heroes, Come to Assist You

Alexander, Leonidas, Caesar, Napoleon, and other legendary generals will come to you from the past to pledge allegiance!

At the critical moments of battles, the unique talents of heroes will directly influence the war progress and lead the army to victory!

Real-time Battle, At Your Fingertips

Fight manually in real time, each move counts

The featuring AI algorithm allows each "soldier" to think his own way and decide his way of fighting.

Design unique line-ups and strategies by fully using the characteristics of different troops!

Global Competition, Opposite or Cooperate

Global servers allow you to fight against other players across the globe.

Fight in a massive 600*600 world map; Enemies are just as much important as you strive for the glory of kingship.

Diversified Interaction, No Social Barriers

One-tap sharing, dynamic emoji, built-in auto translation.

Task mode based social function enables the barrier-free communication in strategy game. You will no longer feel like playing alone!

Various Features, To be discovered

Wonders displayed on Overworld Maps, Business Quests under Free Trade system, Strategic Interaction between Internal and External Cities, World Boss Challenge...

As your civilization develops, you will face various challenges and eventually register distinctive achievements.

You are walking on the way to the crown.

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